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What Can you Expect at BackCare Family Chiropractic, LLC?
You can expect PROMPT service!  We have all been put through the dreaded hour-long wait in a doctor’s reception area with year old magazines.  In our clinic, you won’t have to bring a 500 page book that you will have time to read through by the end of your visit.  When we make an appointment – we keep it!  From beginning to end, your first visit with us will not take any longer than an hour.   The first visit is all ABOUT you! Our priority is your health and wellness.  The doctor is going to sit down with you and actually listen to your concerns.  We want to know everything you can tell us about your condition.  We will then do a complete exam to learn as much as possible about your condition.  Why? Because we want you to be given the personal care and expertise you deserve to achieve maximum health.  This will not be a cookie cutter diagnosis or treatment.  We will study your health history and tests and determine what will be best for you.The doctor will then meet with you and go over the findings of your examination.  We will determine what kind of care you need and if chiropractic is what you need. If you need something other than what we provide – we will tell you and recommend what you should do. If we can help you – we will tell you and clearly communicate what kind of care you need to achieve your desired health and wellness. By the end of this report you will enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing what is causing your health concerns and what it will take to get to the solution.  No treatments will begin until you understand what is being recommended and agree with this report of findings.  You can expect service, not pressure.  We want to be your chiropractor of choice in Delaware, Ohio!
Common conditions your chiropractor can treat include:
Back Pain
Neck Pain
Joint Pain
Carpal Tunnel
We understand that oftentimes you have already tried many conventional methods of treatment in an attempt to alleviate your pain. We know that you will pleasantly surprised at the results chiropractic care can provide! Chiropractic care is proven to be a safe, effective method of treating numerous conditions and we are anxious to help you live your life to the fullest...pain free!  
We are also pleased to offer pre-employment physicals, school physicals, DOT physicals and drug testing at our clinic in a very discreet setting. Group discounts are available for employers.
Services offered at our Delaware, Ohio chiropractic clinic include:
Chiropractic Manipulation
Massage Therapy
Employment/School Physicals
Drug Testing
Passive Therapies (Electical Stimulation, Mechanical Traction)
Nutritional Counseling
Dr. Wallace wants to be your chiropractor of choice in Delaware!
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